Victor Wong
Gaming Nerd
Package Designer
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Victor Wong
Gaming Nerd

Packaging Design, Print/Brand Communications
Aka: Vicky
Victor is a Package Designer who loves interacting with printed work. He is a huge fan of meeting friendly doggos. I also love typeface design and editorial design! I enjoy trying to incorporate my culture or other cultures into design. It's a great opportunity to learn more about myself and other people, which I think is extremely important for design! Apart from design, I am a huge video games nerd. Whether it's catching monsters, crossing animals, or jump-peaking-a-corner, I love playing them all!
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Christine Chow, Kiran Patel, Sam Yang, Natalie Almosa, Erika Kawaguchi, Georgia Bellingham, Janet Sohn, Gagan Saggu, Nathaniel Rojas, Jenny Tieu, Andrew Del Rizzo, Paco Lui, Emily Ong
Case Studies
Mic Mac Moe
Mic Mac Moe is a package design project that combines the game Tic Tac Toe into a macaron box. Many macaron packages are aesthetic, but they don't have much use after all the macarons are eaten, which creates a lot of waste. Mic Mac Moe is a creative solution that combats less waste while keeping the aesthetic nature of macaron boxes; it functions as a Tic Tac Toe board after all the macarons are consumed.
The box for Mic Mac Moe is primarily used as a macaron box for up to nine macarons. There are a total of twelve macarons, each inspired by the Chinese Zodiacs. The box for Mic Mac Moe is primarily used as a macaron box for up to nine macarons. There are a total of twelve macarons, each inspired by the Chinese Zodiacs. These flavours are: Pig as Strawberry, Snake as Pistachio, Dragon as Raspberry, Monkey as Mocha, Dog as Milk Tea, Rabbit as Vanilla, Rooster as Salted Caramel, Rat as Earl Gray, Tiger as Passion Fruit, Goat as Coconut, Horse as Chocolate, and Ox as Coffee.
Directory Typeface
Directory is a variable font created for wayfinding systems in malls. Visually impaired individuals may have trouble reading text on directories because the text can be fairly small. Directory hopes to solve this issue by interpolating its size depending on the viewer's reading distance. The further the viewer, the bolder the font will be, and vice versa.
Directory is a variable font with nine different weights: Thin, ExtraLight, Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold, and Black.
Nai Cha
Nai cha is a DIY bubble tea packaging project created so people can have fun prior to consuming their favourite drink. The name nai cha is a direct translation of “milk tea” in Chinese. Nai cha has all the ingredients necessary to create bubble tea, all accessible in the comfort of your own home! Whether it is for yourself casually or for friends and family at a party, nai cha puts the fun into making drinks. The kit includes: tea leaves, powdered milk, sugar, tapioca, a mason jar, a steeper, a spoon, a straw, and as an added bonus for more fun, coasters and buttons!
Each nai cha kit comes with a wooden spoon, a metal straw, and a metal tea steeper; the basic tools needed to make and enjoy bubble tea. Nai cha also comes with coasters and buttons that can be used and worn, respectively. The addition of coasters and buttons enhance the brand to make it more fun and friendly to all audiences!