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Brand Designer
Minimalism Aficionado

Print/Brand Communications, Book/Editorial
Aka: KFC, Casket
Proudly: BIPOC
Casey is a brand designer in love with honest, empathetic story-telling and identity-building. She's a sarcastic individual that trips through accidental typos and has too many nicknames for her own good. During her spare time, she's busy looking at pictures/videos of dogs, playing video games, and drawing.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
Korean BBQ with friends
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Alexander Karpazis, Archer Zuo, Raewyn Brandon, Timothy Goodman
Case Studies
Choose Your Pokémon
Choose Your Pokémon is a short informational motion graphic video that outlines the three starter Pokémon from generation one (Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle). Within this video, it discusses when they level up and what some of their weaknesses are. Which one will you choose?
After countless thrown out ideas from meme recaps to the most searched things on Google, I decided on a short informational motion graphic centered around Pokémon. Initial research pursued outlined the evolution process and their elemental/type weaknesses. Then came the 'screenplay' and 'shot' list, describing each shot/scene relatively in depth which was then accompanied by rough storyboard sketches.
New Closet
Have you or anyone else ever thought that comic books are a juvenile form of literature? It's a flawed form of thinking. Graphic novels have always been a means of telling creative and impactful stories. Despite being fictional, the story and characters offer both escapism and a perspective into real life critical events. New Closet is a fully digital comic examining queerness in superhero comics through the lens of a new potentially new superhero.
Feeling underrepresented in the content you consume can become tiring quickly. Queer people of colour face this constantly, and sometimes you don't notice it until much later in life. It shouldn't be a constant battle to be seen and heard. The protagonist of this comic is a prime example of this.