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Interaction Design/Product Design, Print/Brand Communications
Yuling is a designer and illustrator who strives to create designs that deliver impact through visually stimulating and meaningful solutions. As a designer, she enjoys combining digital art and design into one. She believes that good design has a deeper purpose and always challenges the conventional notions of the present and strives towards the innovation of the future.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
Eat yummy fooood!
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Kenya Hara, Violaine & Jeremy, Dieter Rams, Yogi Fahmi Rian Dito,
Case Studies
PANLE is a packaging design for Chinese tea. The concept revolves around the Chinese national treasure panda and the shape of Tai Chi. The two rounded circular shapes deliver the yin and yang concept and the unity and duality of nature. The packaging focuses on renewing the image of traditional Chinese tea products by using a creative, minimal and ecological approach. The whole packaging is sustainable and eco-friendly that sealed with beeswax.
Luia was designed in 2020 in Toronto by Yuling Zhang. Sparkle and curvy, Luia is a display typeface, useful for headlines, or short to medium length texts. From the adventurous eye of the cut of lowercase like ‘h’ to the sparkle ‘j’, Luia features delicate hairlines for maximum contrasts. The name “Luia” comes from a river located in Mozambique, Southern Africa.
Baijiu, Shochu, Sake
The Book of Baijiu, Shochu, Sake is a 132-page illustrated wine book by designer Yuling Zhang. The project aims to relate the different types and categories in Baijiu, Shochu and Sake with the evolution of the local wine culture. The context of this project consists of a personal choice of the most striking types of alcohol in history, from the first sauce aroma Baijiu to be launched in 1644 until 2020 and, consequently, its evolution to date. In addition to the history, food to pair with and character of each individual alcohol, the book also covers a bit of the history of alcoholic beverages in China and Japan.