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Product Designer
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Interaction Design/Product Design, Print/Brand Communications
Growing up, Rangavi felt most fulfilled when immersed in the arts. Her early exposure to various mediums fueled her desire to be a multifaceted artist and designer. Rangavi gained a deep passion for product design during her time in the York/Sheridan Design program. Product design ultimately sparked her creative calling - a balance between creativity and logical thinking. As a product designer, Rangavi strives to find unique methods intertwining psychology and design. Her drive for product design stems from her characteristics, including being empathetic, open-minded, solving problems creatively, and a keen listener. By employing these attributes in her design process, she is able to build meaningful relationships with the people she designs for - connecting and impacting them emotionally through her work. Additionally, her personal experiences have motivated her to learn more about designing for inclusivity and accessibility that encompasses all human diversity and differences with the hopes of tackling the problems in contemporary society.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
Hug my baby niece
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
P22 Mackinac Pro
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Lauren Hom, Jessica Hische, Gal Shir, Courtney Ahn, Ioana Teleanu, Johny Vino
Case Studies
My Discovery
My Discovery is a collection of educational card games to facilitate children and preteens age 8 to 13 years old an inclusive and positive outlook of sex education. Ultimately, providing an opportunity to design a strategy for shifting the cultural and societal taboos, encouraging more open and honest conversations, and gaining better knowledge, skills and attitude around various aspects of sexual health and its impact on daily life in an approachable and engaging manner.
Guided is an intuitive business planning app based on the existing content of the Flourishing Business Canvas. The Flourishing Business Canvas is a holistic, strategic planning tool that enables individuals or teams to visualize, brainstorm, and test business ideas or products. The canvas outlines four blocks representing the different core elements of a business and contains sub-elements within each of them. All of these elements are interrelated and work together to facilitate the success of the business. The business canvas can either be used to develop new business models or to refine existing models.