Rachel Wong
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Rachel Wong
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Packaging Design, Print/Brand Communications
Rachel is brand identity and package designer whose creative output is pivoted around bringing meaningful connections to life through design. Rachel values how culture and design intertwine and enrich each other. Rachel's main design philosophy is creating reflective, meaningful, and memorable design.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
Visit Japan again!
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
IBM Plex Sans (:
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
The Tokyoiter, Kevin Lau (@klhrdesign), Ai Weiwei.
Case Studies
Kawa 川
Kawa 川 combines function and convenience into one knife set to make cooking on-the-go easy and beautiful. The natural wood knife carrying case emphasizes the organic relationship between humans and food. The included Japanese style Santoku bōchō blade is representative of the role of human-made tools in modern day cooking. Designed with a focus on versatility and variety the user, the Kawa 川 is perfect for both at-home chefs and professionals.
Prioritizing the needs of an everyday chef, included in the package are: the cutting board case, a Japanese style santoku knife, a cooking tag, a wooden mixing spoon, and two rectangular plates. These elements are neatly tied together with an apron which serves as both a protective case for the cutting board and a handle for ease of carry.
Orido brings origami to life. The idea for Orido sparked from the desire to create and store origami art in a sustainable way. Origami has been an integral part of my package design experience. The beauty of origami is that it makes use of simple materials (usually just 1 piece of paper) to create something beautiful and intricate. However, I had no way to display my origami in a way as simplistic and beautiful as the origami itself. This is where Orido comes in.
Orido captures the liveliness of animals and their natural habitats. 5 different animals were chosen to bring along the journey—a frog, a flamingo, a leopard, an elephant, and a giraffe.
Progress March On
‘Progress March On’ is a web platform designed to encourage people to acknowledge, educate, and advocate for human rights issues globally using design, art, and music. This platform aims to educate people about human rights issues which should be inherently non-political. These issues only become politicized because the demand of basic rights for oppressed communities challenges traditionally established unjust power structures. 'Progress March On' seeks to encourage rich conversations which address and dissect the imbalances of power historically held and perpetuated. Politics are a mess though. Politics are loud, emotional, passionate, and dividing. Our mission is to use design and art to open gateways of interest which encourage others to dive deeper into the difficult topics.
The ‘Learn’ functionality of ‘Progress March On’ allows visitors to quickly and thoroughly educate themselves about three chosen topics: Racial discrimination against black POC with relevance to police brutality; Hong Kong Protests against the abolition of their autonomy and police brutality; and the lack of basic rights for the LGBTQ+ community throughout history. ‘Progress March On’ also aims to continue covering additional topics. Users can browse through a concise summary, a carousel of current events, and a brief history of the selected human rights issue as well as access a short list of associated organizations and charities.