Nicole Chan
Cat Enthusiast
Multidisciplinary Designer
Creator of fun
Fashion Lover
Stylish Clown
Nicole Chan
Cat Enthusiast

Print/Brand Communications, Web Design
Aka: Nikki
Nicole is a multidisciplinary designer who specializes in packaging, branding, and visual design. She is an adventurous creative who utilizes visuals as a way to tell stories through playful concepts and meaningful experiences. When Nicole is not busy designing, she is an avid snack critic and cat fanatic.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
Travel with my friends
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
GT America Mono
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Eric Hu, Peter Li, Guccimaze, Yoshirotten
Case Studies
Please Let Cool and Enjoy
Please Let Cool and Enjoy is an experimental book taking readers through the journey of the conception of a popular Japanese bread known as Melonpan. The book features a papercraft dome lid to emulate the look and feel of what Melonpan looks like when it is served street style.
Fortune Noodles
Fortune noodles is a cup noodle packaging project with a collectible fortune card attached to the lid. Designed for three different flavours to accommodate a broad range of palates.