Natalie Almosa
Wearing Yellow
Package Designer
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Natalie Almosa
Wearing Yellow

Packaging Design, Print/Brand Communications
Proudly: Swagapino
Natalie is a graphic designer who enjoys playful designs, juxtaposing concepts, intersections between psychology and design, and work that evokes positive emotions. This playful nature of design is also visually represented in her work—bright colours, bold fonts, and eye-catching illustrations are found all throughout her portfolio. Natalie is currently working towards further developing a focus in packaging design and hopes to use it as a medium to create enjoyable experiences for anyone who interacts with her work.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
Hug the homies
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Christine Chow, Kiran Patel, Sam Yang, Victor Wong, Erika Kawaguchi, Georgia Bellingham, Janet Sohn, Gagan Saggu, Nathaniel Rojas, Jenny Tieu, Andrew Del Rizzo, Paco Lui, Emily Ong, Nicole Lee
Case Studies
Buddibots is a fun and exciting board game for children ages 6+ to indirectly learn about emotional intelligence.
When researching emotional intelligence education for children, it was found that formal education methods were not effective. By conducting a survey it was revealed how most young adults recall learning about emotional intelligence through events in their childhood. Buddibots was made to create a fun and memorable environment where children will be able to learn about how to perceive, manage, facilitate and understand different emotions.
Bata is a packaging design project that uses Filipino mythology to make crayons fun, educational, and attractive to children.
Reflecting the colourful package, Bata! is based off of the mythological Filipino bird called the Sarimanok that brings good luck.What makes the Sarimanok interesting is how it is multicoloured, and how it originated from the seven heavens of the Philippines. For this reason, we packed only seven coloured crayons to represent these seven heavens.
Mellow is a picnic set that encompasses brand values of positivity and calmness to enhance the picnic experience. The portable package is used to hold all your dining essentials, and doubles as a table that is the perfect size for enjoying a meal outside.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a trend of picnics and outdoor dining. Mellow was made to consider all your needs when dining outside and more! The size of the overall package allows Mellow to be portable, lightweight, but still functional when folded out into its table form. The table is also situated at the perfect height for when you are seated on the ground.