Social Impact Designer
Empathetic Creative
Lead Shower Vocalist
Grammy Wait Lister
Social Impact Designer
Empathetic Creative

Print/Brand Communications, Social Impact Design
Aka: Sunshine, Tina, Meena
As an empathetic creative and curious problem solver, Mena’s goal is to use design to make a positive impact on society. Her curiosity and love of learning inspires her to explore new things through design and travel. Everyday Mena takes a pause from her work to watch the sunset.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Canadian Women in Design, IDEO, Atelier Irradié, Studio Triple, Tré Seals, Reggie Black, Nathan Hussain, Dani Roche, Paul Sych, YSDN Class of 2021 :^)
Case Studies
My final year of university presented me with an array of questions, such as; Where do I want to live? How can I use my skills to make a positive impact on society? With whom do I want to be in a relationship with? Overwhelmed and indecisive, I decided to try something entirely new. I heavily relied on my dreams to provide an answer for me. I did this by looking for answers within the content of my dreams and following through with what I was given. If I dreamt of myself living in Singapore, I applied to jobs in Singapore. I even used my dreams to navigate my personal relationships. I grew fascinated with my dreams and the outlandish content within them. My dreams inspired my work, relationships, and eventually this project for my final thesis.
Driven by the aspiration to find substantial solutions to societal problems, Dreamscape was born. This project provides unconventional solutions to problems by simulating dream content through an immersive experience. This is achieved through a DIY exhibit titled Dreamscape. Dreamscape is a customizable dream room that participants set up in their living space to solve problems they cannot solve during their waking lives. Through assembly and sleep, the room offers an experience that simulates dream content by targeting different senses.
Pronation and supination are terms used to describe the orientation of the foot while in motion. When the foot is pronating, it is leaning slightly inward; conversely, when the foot is supinating, it leans outward. Excessive pronation or supination can cause problems with the body’s natural alignment, leading to a variety of injuries. This is a common problem experienced by athletes, especially runners. Smartsole is the first interactive insole that corrects footing in real time to help athletes prevent injuries and run smarter.
Using predictive shock absorption technology, Smartsole moves to position the foot properly based on the activity being performed. The creation of this project involved an in-depth review of the technologies that are currently available. This research showed a gap in the sports market where the technology solely serves as a tool for tracking the mechanics of running. Smartsole develops this further by physically adjusting the insoles in real time.
Shambhala Music Festival
Shambhala Music Festival has committed to creating an unparalleled and life-changing experience for over two decades. This project rebrand captures Shambhala’s mission to celebrate music, art, creativity, and self expression. Shambhala’s mission is echoed through a series of posters featuring the artists and unique branding.