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Leah Fellows
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Motion Design/Time-Based Communication
Leah is a motion designer with an interest in 3D, typographic and Illustrative work. She finds inspiration in the world around her and uses personal experience to shape her conceptual designs and push forward a stronger meaning in her work. Leah is always eager to challenge herself and learn new skills through her process. She wishes to use her design skills to create a more creative and outside the box reality.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
Travel the world! I would love to go anywhere and everywhere!
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Case Studies
Spot App
SPOT is a deepfake detection and educational application that allows users to learn about deepfake technology and upload their own content to detect the validity of media. SPOT app works in connection with the Facebook platform to run in the background and flag users if deepfake technology is detected within a post. As deepfake technology is continuously advancing the application features modules that allow users to educate themselves on some of the tell tale signs of how to spot a deepfake. The application uses an algorithm to track the eye movement within media to determine the validity of the content.
The SPOT app is a multi-disciplinary project developed by 5 students from a variety of backgrounds. The team is comprised of 1 film major, 1 communications major, 2 math majors and myself a design major. Our project is based on the research question "How can we differentiate real videos from DeepFakes videos?" which we have used to structure and develop our project concept. Over the past 8 months we have worked to build concepts, conduct research, and develop application material and our algorithm.
Nation of Two Book Collection
A collection of 4 books based on songs from Vance Joy's album Nation of Two. The books use interesting typefaces and tight leading to reflect the ups and downs of a relationship and bring you along on the journey of two passionate lovers. Coloured paper is introduced to produce maximum emotion impact and emphasize the meanings of each song.
Between my first approach and my final product, I came a very long way. I began the project hoping to incorporate risograph printing and a variety of images but quickly decided that I wanted to go a more simple yet elegant direction. I wanted to let the typefaces speak for the music and to encourage the reader to sing the words as they turn page to page. This desire lead to larger, unique, display typefaces and a more "boring" design. I focused more on understanding the technicalities of typography through the leading and kerning of letters and became more aware of the relationships between words. This process allowed me to experience a new style of design that I will continue to embrace in the future.
A Life on Our Planet
This title sequence was created for David Attenborough’s documentary A Life on Our Planet. The use of elementals was a large focus throughtout the process of creation as I wanted to physically show the changes, and dangers that are present within our changing climate. I wanted to reflect on the urgency of the documentary within both the imagery and original score of the title sequence. Type was manipulated to interact with the elements on screen to reflect how our ecosystem is being destroyed by human development. I wanted the tone of the title sequence to reflect the worst case scenario of climate change to cause the viewer to feel responsible and urge them to change to a more sustainable lifestyle. I also used camera like panning movements to depict a fast paced and ever changing ecosystem as one environment shifts into another.
I used sketches and jot-notes to flush out several different ideas and variations throughout the creation process. This was the most effective and quick way for me to visualize my ideas and to determine where pieces would fit. Throughout this process I determined what elements fit with what position, how the type would be manipulated, what effects I would explore, and how I would achieve a unified aesthetic. Overall, I think the sketching and brainstorming process is the part of this project that I am most proud of because of how strongly I explored each theme.