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Interaction Design/Product Design, Web Design
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Proudly: Indian-Canadian (POC)
Kiran is a product designer who enjoys web, UX, and development. These days, he has come to love collaborating with everyone no matter your background or strengths/weaknesses—that's where the best work/ideas stem from. Overall, he'd say his end goal is to raise awareness/change the current state of our world and blossom into the climate-designer community (among others). Kiran hopes to truly arrive there once he establishes himself in the industry, but he's not holding back on honing that passion right now/as early as possible.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
Caribana for sure
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Papyrus EF Regular
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Climate Designers
Case Studies
Miimi is a sensory-imbued doll for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), aiming to solve the general difficulty of developing emotional understanding and uncertainty of how to parent from the caregiver. This complex issue involves the caregiver as well, so a comprehensive companion app complements Miimi. Inspired from the sounded phrase "Me & Me", Miimi's name is constructed to reflect the child and caregiver (the first 2 i's, "Mii"), with the product assisting their relationship (the third i, "mi"). While the child carries their newfound companion anywhere they go, the parent will be able to receive information to better their parenting effectiveness for them.
The doll operates through a friendly interface the child can engage with as a companion, with music and interactive prompts to let them dance and play. Leading research shows movement, pressure, and eye contact detail emotional cues in the child - Miimi captures those data points and provides concise summaries for the caregiver in the app. Appearance is vital; the visual design of the doll is made simple, friendly, and predictable to not intimidate the child. Combined with customizable weaves and looks, personalization creates further meaning in the product for each child's Miimi and mitigates stigma that surrounds assistive devices.
Hot 100 Genres
Welcome to an interactive web graphic that tells a story of the trends in mainstream music. This infographic uses colour to determine the genre/mood of popular songs since 1990, and compare it to other times. Colour is not the main idea however, as stats, in-depth analysis, and other charts are also presented. Ever wonder which genres are the most popular? How about what was popular at a certain time? Who was the biggest artist and when were they big? Learn about this and so much more at ""!
All information and charts are courtesy of the Billboard Hot 100. Each week, they blend radio, streaming, and sales data to compile the hottest 100 songs in the United States. For this graphic, the top 10 of each week since 1990 is considered.
Historia was an app created in Adobe XD for a 48-hour design competition featuring A+E Networks. Designed for high school and university students, it is a smart tool to efficiently curate research sources for history projects, utilizing History Channel articles and photos in accordance to the design challenge requirements.
Historia caters towards seamless access to research for high-school/college students. The app takes its role in providing History channel’s articles and videos, making it easy and less time-consuming finding/organizing resources for projects using a vast library of content. Overall, Historia helps users to find sources easier, organize sources on a project-by-project basis, access and cite content quickly, and answer specific research questions.