Kira Hassard
Plant Enthusiast
Line Art Illustrator
Detail Oriented
Package Designer
Problem Solver
Kira Hassard
Plant Enthusiast

Packaging Design, Book/Editorial
Proudly: Indigenous
Kira is a plant enthusiast who loves to travel and explore nature. Creativity and design has resonated with her since she was a child. Kira examines and analyzes everything, thinking about how it could be made better. Her eye for detail fuels her passion for design. Kira pays attention to all aspects that she puts into a final product and how they affect people in the real world. She approaches design in a way that puts others first, and does so by doing a lot of research into the area of focus to gather a better understanding of who she is designing for and the problem she is trying to solve. To be a successful designer, Kira believes it is very important to have a great sense of humility. She believes we need to be respectful toward many groups of people which in itself can be a challenging task but is so rewarding when done properly. Additionally, Kira believes that we are designed by our designs. She is so excited to get out into the industry and collaborate with all the creative individuals and learn from them and their experiences. If you have any questions about Kira's work or herself please don’t hesitate to reach out as she would love to chat!
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
Go backpacking across Europe and explore different cultures around the world
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Sydney Michuda
Case Studies
Plantopia is an elegant plant encyclopedia that isn't just pretty but is also very functional! During the pandemic houseplants have become super popular. I began collecting plants in early 2020 and wanted to create something that captured my passion for nature while providing people with excellent tips and plant care advice.
At the moment, self help tools have a lot of room for improvement as they currently make the process feel like a task or chore. Is there a way to make self help more effortless and enjoyable; where one feels like they’re casually passing the time during this pandemic but are actually making great strides to improving their mental health?
Ginkgo is an app that assists you in self care in a fun new way! Join your pal Ginkgo as they help you out with your daily activities while keeping you on track and motivated. Every activity completed will offer rewards that will be redeemable at a virtual plant shop. You’ll be able to watch your plant grow as you grow and even customize your plant friends using your rewards.
First of all lets get rid of that outdated and stereotypical package design that results in so much waste. Let’s create something fun and stylish that you don’t feel like you need to hide in public or that makes you feel awkward to purchase at the cash register. Monthly subscription boxes have become extremely popular during the past few years so why not bring this option to the table for period care.
I believe this is a major issue as periods are something natural that all females experience. Current product branding is very outdated and isn’t very appealing which definitely doesn’t assist at all in helping with symptoms that we experience once a month. Women shouldn’t feel embarrassed and ashamed when a pad or tampon falls out of their pockets at school or work. Period products are also kind of a pain to purchase as you never know exactly when your period will hit, how long it will last, or how heavy your flow may be. Packs of products come in various amounts and sizes and some find it hard to know whether they’ll have enough for their next period. The last thing I want to do during that time of the month is run out to a local store because I ran out of pads.