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Typography, Print/Brand Communications
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John is a sleep deprived multidisciplinary designer. He navigates design through world building and story telling, writing the rules and letting his creative process expand and challenge them. Finding inspiration online and offline, He's interested in the process behind tactile immersive projects and interactive experiences.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Passio Graphis
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Jacob J Wise, Eric Hu, Mitch Paone
Case Studies
Oneiric Oblivion
Oneiric Oblivion is a book that is inspired by the unorganized nature of dreams. Using a loose form of unbound pages, and a transparent french folded base chapbook, the project explore a customized sequence of pages that can be shuffled. It is up to the reader to interpret the signifiers in the book however they want, as well as taking away what they’d like from the readings.
Based on Tonkinwise’s belief that design is a destruction of the status quo, the post-anthropocene world recognizes that the current world we live in is one that has been shaped by a force of linear progression. The imaginations of a world without us, are ones that are built in the current context of our world. It is one that recognizes the aftermath of decades of linear progression, and the destruction that follows it, but also one that is in a point of transition. The urban ruin landscape of these worlds are seen with the absence of human presence as context. Cutting out agents of progression crates a void, disconnected from the functional and transformed into the transitional state from the known into the unknown.
I Remember you,
In an attempt to inspire introspection and to rethink of how we approach explore memories digitally, I Remember You, Outside My Window is a website that aims to recontextualize images through a new perspective.
With the global pandemic restricting social activities and travel, frustration has been growing with the lack of physical socialization. Longer lockdowns create unease and warped perceptions of time, with everyone in emotional disarray, it’s not a surprise that there has been a rise in nostalgia of when people used to be able to meet without restrictions.
An increasing amount of young adults are turning to e-cigarettes and vape products, due to their flavours, affordability, and peer pressure. While e-nicotine products do not contain as many toxic chemicals as traditional cigarettes, they are not without their own health risks. With the difficulty of commiting to nicotine cessation, Nix is able to ease the experience into ending nicotine reliance. Nix is a smart IoT enabled, nicotine cessation wearable that acts as transdermal nicotine patch replacement. It improves over the traditional nicotine patch experience through technology and user-centered design. The Nix band comes with a companion app to monitor and incentivize progress towards ending nicotine reliance.