Humanist Designer
putting users first
Humanist Designer
putting users first

Interaction Design/Product Design, Web Design
Aka: Jess
Proudly: Chinese-Canadian
Jessica is a fourth year student in the York/Sheridan Design Program with interests in digital and interactive design. She understands that life can be tough so her goal is to design interfaces that account for human error and are easy to navigate. Her work is backed up with human behavioural research as well as user testing. She always strive to design products that have both visually captivating designs and engaging user experiences.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
Eating out with friends!
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Comic Sans
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Case Studies
Kindred is a task scheduling tool that helps owners of lesser owned pets organize, plan and keep track of their companion’s daily tasks and appointments. Learn to build a healthy lifestyle and relationship with your pet(s) through daily task recording and help provide the best life you can for your companion(s).
The dashboard serves as the main task management tab. Users are able to see their tasks for the day with remaining tasks on top and completed at the bottom of the list. Once the owner has completed a task, they may mark it off their list to keep track of what still needs to be done. Owners may also switch to a calendar view which allows users to view past, present and future days. Appointments will be marked on the calendar with a coloured dot to allow users to easily see when their past and upcoming appointments are/were.
Interface Redesign of SOBS
Streamlabs OBS is one of the most popular all-in-one open broadcaster software streaming programs that help streamers setup, run and manage their streams. Since their launch in 2014 they have become one of the most used OBS systems within the market of streaming. As the streaming industry grew alongside Streamlabs, more features were added to keep up with the industry as well as to enhance the user experience. However, as they were added, many parts of the user interface were not updated to optimize these new features nor the overall user experience. Thus creating growing pains in both the users interface and experience of the software. This redesign optimizes the overall user interface and experience of the software through reducing visual clutter, improving information organization as well as creating an easy flow for users to follow.
Streamlabs OBS can be overwhelming at first glance, as it has many elements (sliders, buttons, pop-ups, tabs ect.) on the dashboard. This creates a larger learning curve for new users, especially with no tutorial or introduction to help guide them. By providing users with a cleaner and simpler interface, it will lower the steep learning curve of the application for both new and old users.