Jenny Tiêu
Caffeine Addict
Animal Enthusiast
Motion Designer
Jenny Tiêu
Caffeine Addict

Motion Design/Time-Based Communication, Information Design
Aka: Henny, froggie
Proudly: Vietnamese-Canadian (POC)
Jenny Tiêu is a motion designer, self-titled story-teller, and animal enthusiast. As a young adult, she draws inspiration from the vast well of culture to explore and question her identity as a Canadian and a person of colour. She is always looking forward to satisfying her curiosity and learning new skills and technology to support her ability to communicate. As a professional, she hopes to use design as a tool to push boundaries and challenge herself as a designer and as a human being.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
All you can eat Dimsum!
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
@chomchomstudio, Melissa Mathieson, the froggies 🐸
Case Studies
Sunday: Chủ Nhật Collection
Sunday is a self-initiated passion project inspired by the mindset of self-care and self-love passed down from generations of Vietnamese women. The skincare collection includes seven important steps, which are named after the Vietnamese weekdays. Vietnam’s weekdays are numbered, starting with Sunday as the “main day,” and Monday to Saturday as second to seventh. This is the Chủ Nhật Collection, the main collection.
The Chủ Nhật Collection was created as a modern design that combines technology and art to promote positivity. It is built around the conscious use of quality ingredients, eco-friendly alternative materials, and user-centered product design.
Shared Dishes
Shared Dishes explores the impacts of acculturation amongst second-generation Asian-Canadians using immersive digital design to communicate stories and experiences of the Asian community.
The Asian-Canadian community is often overlooked, made to feel foreign or different, and constantly displaced despite their every right to call Canada “home”. Many second-generation Asian-Canadians feel disconnected from their ethnic culture due to acculturation and the integration into Western society. Shared Dishes explores and unravels these raw feelings and experiences to understand and open conversations about acculturation.
Ring Ring
Ring Ring is a two-part data visualization design that uses Processing and After Effects to visualize data of calls received in a year. The model indicates the frequency of types of calls received (Incoming, Outgoing, My Buddy Incoming and My Buddy Outgoing), the call rate (Night or Weekend Night Call Rate and Weekday Call Rate), and the duration of each call.