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Motion Design/Time-Based Communication, Book/Editorial
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Jan is a designer curious about the ways design produces and identifies new cultures and communities. Through motion, digital, and print mediums, he pursues a multidisciplinary approach to making — contributing to the queer, visual, and internet cultures he loves so dearly. Jan always finds excitement in pushing visual form to create emotive and visceral work.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Sneaky Times
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Timothy Luke, Metahaven, Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute
Case Studies
passively, possibly
passively, possibly is a downloadable .zip file that publishes a series of user-submitted queer objects. Set in the private space of a user's desktop, a randomized collage of ephemera generate an intimate space for queer memory and reflection. Download the project at www.passivelypossibly.site
Queerness finds its form through ephemera — it is the sticky residue of the stories we tell each other, and the moments we commit to memory. So, what is it that we keep, display, or hide; what are the objects or things that lie around in our memories and spaces that remind us of our queerness? Setting out a public survey with that question, the objects collected were translated into digital space through imperfect 3D scanning.
By using facial recognition imagery, digital identifiers and tracked movements on a map, 2face paints an image of a disembodied person through the eyes of data surveillance. The typography and motion graphics are tied together to illustrate the topic with a sense of rigidity and fluidity at the same time.
The 2,777 screenshots retrieved from my childhood computer documents my time on the MMORPG Perfect World International, and becomes the source material for > HARSHLANDS. As immaterial as it is to play and live in these virtual worlds, this book hopes to make tangible the sights, sounds, and relationships had while passing time online. Each of the three books of the project explore a different aspect of virtual worlds and digital nostalgias.