Ivy Sun
A leafy plant made of hot plasma
Abstract shape enthusiast
Rhythm game expert
Ivy Sun
A leafy plant made of hot plasma

Interaction Design/Product Design, Print/Brand Communications
Ivy is a designer who loves to experiment with all types of design, such as UI/UX, branding and motion. She spends way too long watching cartoons and playing games, but somehow always finds time to work on her never ending list of projects for music, design and work.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
Attend a murder mystery party with my friends
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Playfair Display
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Tiffany Chau, Selina Chung, Paniz Adiban
Case Studies
How to (not) write a song
How to (not) write a song is an interactive, scrolling web experience documenting my journey learning how to write a song. The initial goal of this project was to discover how songwriting can be used in identity formation and to see what I could learn about myself through music. However, along the way, I realized that a finished music video and song could not be produced to the standard that I wanted over the course of 12 weeks in my design workshop class. Instead, I decided to create a website that helps other new songwriters by detailing my experience and providing resources I used to get started. Check out the full site here: https://how-to-not-write-a-song.webflow.io/
Nikkei Matsuri
Nikkei Matsuri is a Japanese cultural festival that takes place in Burnaby, British Columbia. “Nikkei” is commonly used to define people of Japanese descent living outside of Japan, while “Matsuri” means festival. The goal of the festival is to “celebrate Japanese culture through food, music, entertainment, games, and more.” With this in mind, I designed a brand system for Nikkei Matsuri that includes a poster, tickets, program, splash pages and signage with the use of Japanese and English on all media.
The poster is a mix of traditional and modern styles through its composition and imagery which can appeal to all audiences. The circles at the bottom of the poster "float" upwards and represent lanterns, hence the lantern symbol at the top of the poster. Lanterns are a common symbol of Japanese festivals. The type runs vertically, which is common in Japanese writing. Finally, paper textures are used in the background to reflect scrolls or older books.
Wander is an app that encourages people to go outside and explore, making walking fun again. In a new area, stories are placed in certain locations that the user can walk towards to read. These stories are user submitted and can be about an experience they had there, a great picture they took or just anything they want to share. Users can comment, like and save stories they enjoyed as well. Reading stories, adding stories, and visiting new areas all earn points that the user can use to customize their avatar, which is seen while they are walking. Watch a short demonstration of how Wander works!
When you enter an area, the user will be able to explore and find nearby stories. The user has the option to explore with their avatar or in AR, allowing for a more immersive experience. Within the Explore function, users also have the option to add their own stories. User submitted stories will be reviewed for approval before being randomly placed in the area for other explorers to read.