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Interaction Design/Product Design, Motion Design/Time-Based Communication
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Henry Wilkinson (who also goes by Hank, pick the one you like!) is a multidisciplinary designer currently working somewhere in the realm of motion, branding, and web design. He likes long walks on the beach, distributed web systems, music production, typography, visual effects, and 3D art!
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
Have an actual good time with friends again!
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Eurostile Bold Extended
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Simon Stålenhag, Lost Type Co-op
Case Studies
Mr. Robot Title Sequence
Sam Esmail’s Mr. Robot is among my favourite television dramas, not only because of the excellent story and standout cinematography, but also because of the accurate portrayal of hacking and computer operation. As a person who has grown up with a keen interest in computing I’ve always felt let down by its portrayal on television, hacking is usually treated as a means to an end plot device with little care given to its execution, technical accuracy, or feasibility. There is none of this nonsense in Mr. Robot! The show is designed around real tools, real vulnerabilities, and has actual security consultants give input on the various hacks built around the plot. I highly recommend watching the show once you’re done looking at my portfolio, it gets a full 10/10 from me!
Because of Mr. Robot's focus on accuracy I wanted to create a title sequence that mirrored the show's ethos. The command line interface is an obvious choice for a show about hacking and Kali Linux's terminal makes many appearances in the show alongside Linux Mint. Each shot showcases a different program running in a terminal with the actor's name integrated somewhere that makes sense. Where possible I tried to use command line programs that related to each actor's character and their actions in the show: Martin Wallström (Tyrell Wellick) hacks an employee's phone early on and his title has him writing a bootable .iso to an SD card, Gloria Reuben (Krista Gordon) is having her name be made into a wordlist used to check passwords against to crack them with Crunch, Christian Slater (Mr. Robot) is wiping data with Shred.
Toronto Mesh
Toronto Mesh aims to help communities create better networks with open source and peer-to-peer technologies that promote digital literacy and privacy. This brand is focused on helping continue our core values of community involvement, peer learning, and civic participation. As of 2021, most community networks and mesh-centric community groups do not have established sets of brand guidelines — at least not ones that are publicly available. With the creation of these my goal was to set a new standard for what outward-facing material from these organizations can look like and give further credibility to community networks overall.
For this brand I wanted to avoid any explicit references to the wifi logo which is the obvious first image that comes to mind when thinking of wireless networking. Toronto Mesh is seeking to build a community network, not just give away free wifi. The logo system comprises a typographic logotype as well as a logomark, both of which share the same overlapping circles with randomized colours inspired by the overlapping nature of mesh networks, dot matrix printers, and the many multifaceted community driven approaches to building networks in the commons. The logomark also contains a fun puzzle, see if you can figure it out yourself by writing out the logo as binary converting spaces to zeros and the filled in dots to ones! You have to use a binary to ASCII converter website to understand it... unless you're a robot ;)
2001: A Rundown
When most people watch 2001 for the first time they often walk away from it saying things like "that movie confused the hell out of me", "why are the first 20 minutes of the film just full of monkeys?" and "what was up with the giant space baby at the end?". While this two part infographic doesn't answer ALL of those questions hopefully it helps make things just a little bit clearer! ;)
An increasing amount of young adults are turning to e-cigarettes and vape products, due to their flavours, affordability, and peer pressure. While e-nicotine products do not contain as many toxic chemicals as traditional cigarettes, they are not without their own health risks. With the difficulty of commiting to nicotine cessation, Nix is able to ease the experience into ending nicotine reliance. Nix is a smart IoT enabled, nicotine cessation wearable that acts as transdermal nicotine patch replacement. It improves over the traditional nicotine patch experience through technology and user-centered design. The Nix band comes with a companion app to monitor and incentivize progress towards ending nicotine reliance.