Fatima Raid
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Graphic Designer
Fatima Raid
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Print/Brand Communications, Book/Editorial
Fatima is a graphic designer with a passion for brand identity and book/editorial design. She values the design process and experimentation as she approaches design projects with curiosity. To her, every project is an opportunity to learn and grow as a designer.
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Details and Design
As designers, we often like to say that we “pay high attention to detail” as an important skill in conversations, critiques, job applications, and more. However, sometimes it can feel as though we can get lost in the details and lose the bigger picture of a project. So, for my thesis project, I became interested in the relationship between different levels of attention to detail and creativity. I wanted to explore how different levels of attention result in different and/or similar outcomes in terms of how creative a project is. Furthermore, I wanted to know how a better understanding of this relationship can help designers come up with better design solutions and/or ideas.
The process of this project began with research. I started doing primary research, where I outlined a research method with specific guidelines and followed it to compare drawing results of different levels of attention. Then, I did some secondary research to get an idea of what is already known about the topic. I did not find any definitive answers, but it lead me to more questions regarding the idea of an incubation period (taking a break and coming back to it). I wanted to find out if it results in more creative ideas. So, my second primary research method was similar to the first one I did, but I did design projects instead of drawings, and it focused on the idea of an incubation period.
BPAC Brand Identity Redesign
This project is a brand identity redesign for the Burlington Performing Arts Centre (BPAC). The Burlington Performing Arts centre is an organization that offers a variety of different things such as live performances, educational programs, and also acts as a rental facility in Burlington. After doing some research, I found that the organization values the community aspect of the services that it provides for its customers and clients. In addition, what distinguishes this organization from its competitors such as online entertainment services is the in-person live performance experience, and what differentiates it from other performing arts centres is its specific location in Burlington. Additionally, The main point of contact between the organization and its clients and customers is the building or centre itself.
So, the new brand identity shows all of these aspects by focusing on the building itself. The first image shows the full logo with its supporting type. It illustrates the top part of the building from a certain angle, and uses the acronym of the organization’s name to make it scalable. Furthermore, the colour of the logo is similar to a colour that can be seen in the centre’s main theatre, allowing the logo to represent both the exterior and interior of the building at the same time. The acronym is in a sans serif typeface, which works effectively when scaled down. The supporting type uses a serif, which makes the brand identity sophisticated, reflecting the high quality services that the organization provides.