Late 90s/Early 00s R&B Music Listener
Visual Designer
Iced Coffee Fan
Picnic Lover
Charcuterie and Rosé Enthusiast
Late 90s/Early 00s R&B Music Listener

Interaction Design/Product Design, Book/Editorial
Aka: Em
Emily is a product designer who specializes in visual and UI design. She loves the simple things in life such as picnicking with her friends on a breezy but sunny day while setting up a charcuterie board with modern Jonas Brothers music playing in the background.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
Travel to and explore New York City.
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Apfel Grotezk
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Jennet Liaw
Case Studies
Contact is an editorial publication that expresses the different facets of body contact. Body contact is so natural and so ingrained into most cultures one way or another. Simple gestures such as handshakes or hugs are so common in practice. Body contact is interpreted quite differently depending on culture.
Touraround is a mobile app that aims to encourage physical activity by letting users explore different hotspots of content pinned to particular locations in their area. Content includes stories and photos posted by others who were also once in the area. These posts can only be accessed if a user is within a 500-metre radius of the hotspot.
Fine Lines
Fine Lines is a book that poses questions to help you reflect upon how these might apply in your life or in the world as a whole. This book is meant to make you sink into your thoughts and to think deeply about your perspectives.