Graphic Designer
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Graphic Designer

Packaging Design, Print/Brand Communications
Danny is an aspiring graphic designer looking to find his place in the advertising industry. Rather than specializing in one area, he is a jack of all trades, having a solid foundation in print, digital, photography, branding. Danny has a strong creative mind that excels at developing creative ideas with a unique view of design. He is always looking for inspiration and ideas when going about his daily life. Danny is a chill and down-to-earth person with a personality that is easy to open up to. He likes hanging out with his friends outside and online doing various activities and gaming. Danny is a competitive person when it comes to his favourite games and sports, always striving to be the best. Learning from his mistakes, he always trying to improve himself little by little each day inside and outside of design.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
ronnaldong, andresmoncayo, justingerardillustration, nixeu
Case Studies
WWF Identity Redesign
The World Wide Fund for Nature corporate guideline is a custom manual detailing the proper and improper usage of the new visual identity of the WWF organization. The new identity brings new life with a new custom logo, colors and stationery that will go along with the change.
A Flight Through History
A Flight Through History is a promotional poster and pamphlet that was created for a fictional event for the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. A modern take on flight exploration with eye-catching colors and symbolisms to draw in more viewers and participants. The design takes inspiration from various space and flight explorations and combines them all into one.
Laurel is messaging app targeted towards graduating and former students from college and university that helps deal with mental health. With an integrated AI chat, it reads your messages and creates personalized messages to respond back to the user. This app includes multiple functions that give users tools to transition away from school and into the workforce more easily. An all-in-one pocket companion where users can get informed and communicate with others within a single app.