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Print Designer
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Information Design, Book/Editorial
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With an admiration for artistic disciplines, Dainia has used this to further explore creating in a variety of areas. As a designer, she hopes to continue this journey through print, editorial and illustration, while using these opportunities to promote learning throughout her design process.
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YSDN 2021, RGD
Case Studies
With climate change on the rise, Ontario, as well as places throughout Canada and the world, are increasingly aware of the threat posed to present and future life. Deforestation is one such issue contributing to this threat, as it endangers human, animal and plant life, as well as other factors. Reforestation is an important part of enhancing the health of environmental systems throughout Ontario and more specifically, in its southern urban areas. The benefits of tree and plant life, natural landforms and ecosystems, are vital to sustainability both in the present and future. This project recognizes the critical need for information and action on reforestation and how it is thought about respective to the places and methods being used.