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Cavina is an experience designer that specializes in packaging and cannabis education. A lot of her work is geared towards creating experiences of joy with intentional design, designing for a shared public.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
Fly out of the country
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Dani Roche, Sean Brown, Jud Haynes
Case Studies
Cover Yourself, Spa Kit
The problem then... is there is a huge skincare issue in Vietnam and many individuals do not know how to combat the dangerous sun. Most individuals equate luxury to results. Many Vietnamese women source their skincare to other countries. By creating a product specifically for Vietnamese women in the environment they live in, the proposed product not only caters to the community but creates a meaningful change in their health.
Introducing Cover Yourself -Che Ðậy Bản Thân, a luxury spa line that rejuvenates the body from everyday labour. Each container contains four different masks that target the face, hands, body and feet to heal the everyday consumer through holistic spa therapy. This line of products is specifically designed for the Vietnamese everyday lady whether she is a farmworker, corporate worker, schoolgirl or market lady.
Feedback within the workplace is proven to be an effective driver of company productivity, employee satisfaction and performance. It is important for employees and managers to give or receive in-depth feedback to/from each other without misconstruing their intent.
GEM aims to clarify and simplify the feedback process through an app that allows and encourages employees of a company to give quality and effective feedback to each other in an effort to boost company productivity, efficiency, and morale.
TTC Rebrand Project
The Toronto Transit Commission logo is a distinctive and beloved Toronto emblem: it reflects history, shared experience and pride. But when compared to other cities’ icons, one thing it doesn’t say, especially to visitors, is “subway.” The original logo is good for the community it served for the past hundred years however, the new logo is the new era of public transportation.
The Toronto Transit Commission logo is comprised from the Gotham typeface. There are two components to the logo, the TTC and the distinctive bar across the two T’s. The bar represents the iconic subway. The surround distance from the symbol must be at least 3 units top and bottom from other elements. Given that the bar is an asymmetrical element of the logo, the left space is a half unit less than the right to create a visual balance.