Berni Avila
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Berni Avila
Life passionate

Interaction Design/Product Design, Print/Brand Communications
Aka: Berni
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Bernarda Avila is a graphic designer born in Ecuador, raised in Spain and currently living in Toronto. She admires design because it offers a solution to many of humanity’s needs while providing a layer of beauty to the world. Besides designing, she loves travelling and spending time with her loved ones.
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Case Studies
‘Béo’ Tablet App
Small businesses frequently report that Amazon has devastated their businesses - especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a world increasingly dependent on e-commerce many small businesses are struggling to compete and stay relevant. To help support small businesses in this effort, we created a platform to help them sell and deliver products to consumers that live locally.
When customers place an order on Béo, the stores receives and then fulfills the order, and our couriers will pick-up all the completed orders and deliver them. The main goal of the project was to help local businesses by creating an app to consolidate e-commerce orders and help with overall inventory management. Additionally, it would provide sales insights through visualizing sales data.
Ixcocoa is a packaging design project inspired by Mayan culture. The goal of this project is to create a package that could excel in attracting customers in a saturated market. To achieve this, Ixcocoa takes into consideration several aspects; accessibility, culture and a storytelling experience.
The box that contains the chocolate bars looks like a pyramid because of the influence that the Mayan architecture has on the Ixcocoa brand. Additionally, its aesthetic is completely white with all the visuals and necessary information engraved on the box. The engraving is a reference to the archaeological details and intricate carving found in Mayan sculptures from their time.
The logo design for Fresh City Farms uses typography as the main element to convey the brand personality. The typeface used in the logo was specifically designed for the company. The primary version of the logo uses a variety of bright colours and the preferred display is with a navy blue background. However, it can also be used in white background for uses such as the stationary applications. In cases where the background uses the bright colours or it is transparent the logo will be displayed all in white. Such as packaging or merchandise applications
The visuals used in the delivery bags as well as the products produced by Fresh City Farms have been redesigned to be able to represent the brand in a cohesive manner. It is important for Fresh City Farms to be identified by their customers.
Women & Co.
&CO. Magazine emerges from the ambition of combining controversial and impactful issues in society with art and design. The goal is to inspire, empower and inform the audience by using tools such as expressive typography, conceptual photography and color. &CO. Aims to connect with the public by provoking a series of emotions with artistic mediums. As well as encouraging their responsibility to stay informed about the challenges present in their surroundings.