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Packaging Design, Print/Brand Communications
Proudly: Indo-Fijian
Ashna is a designer who has an affinity for packaging, branding and information design. Influenced by experiences with her own culture, her work overcomes cultural barriers by exploring design through a holistic and multi-dimensional lens.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
find a new go-to restaurant since my fave closed due to covid </3
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Angelene Sagun, Badal Patel, Dani Roche, Sion Kim
Case Studies
Paanch Phoron
Paanch Phoron & Garam Masaala is a set of six aromatic spices staple to Indian Cuisine. This set includes the five spices and garam masala used for "panch phoron," an iconic spice mix. All the essential information is in Hindi and English, allowing the product to be effortlessly identified by anyone, regardless of language barriers.
The design features ornate and delicate illustrations of each plant on the front panel that leads to the side panels, allowing for a dynamic and artistic layout that one can display. The colours reflect the spices or plant to help users identify the spice with ease. Each spice comes with an outer case that serves as both a secondary holder to ensure the box is air-tight and a design focal point in the case. The spices come in an eco-friendly paper box that is resealable and can be reused or recycled. The outer cases are natural wood that can be recycled or reused as plant pots.
Nani pays tribute to "nanis" and Fijian tailors by providing Canadians with a chic, eco-conscious alternative to fast fashion. Fast fashion offers consumers accessible, ready-to-wear clothing year-round to fulfil their fashion needs. However, the negative consequences are hard to overlook while supporting fast fashion brands. Through research, how consumers' values on ethical consumption are challenged were explored to understand the complex nature of fast fashion. Based on the findings, a slow fashion brand – the movement where consumers are encouraged to buy based on the quality of clothing versus quantity while supporting ethical and sustainable fashion – was created. Nani consists of garments that are made to last with ethically sourced materials. It promotes shopping with purpose and intent while being mindful of over-consumption. Nani also includes an informative side to help consumers learn more about fabrics and how they can repurpose their existing clothes.