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Joy Explosion

Interaction Design/Product Design, Web Design
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Arsheen is an experienced designer who enjoys creating immersive experiences by insightfully engaging with the user's behaviours. She believes in addressing challenges through sustainable ecologically sound and inquisitive design solutions. She indulges in ice-creams and adventures, you'll find her lost somewhere in nature or the wild, travelling is "coming up for fresh air" (a total Grey's freak)! She sees herself using her design voice and creating impactful work to catalyze social development in the third world.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
TRAVEL to get some places off my scratch map
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Paula Scher, Susan Kare & Climate Designers (loveee their sessions and ideas)
Case Studies
Shomigo; Your shopping amigo!
Who doesn't love a shopping date with a friend or a loved one? People spends hours in the malls, trying on outfits trying to get reviews from their friends. With this pandemic, we have lost all our physical shopping experience and its so hard to choose clothes together and know what your friends think about it. You might be the screenshot and facebook chat person or link sharing but I am not specially with so many items. Thus, this problem brought back an idea if we could all shop virtually and make online shopping a communal experience! Here comes shomigo! An application which allows you to shop and interact with your friends over a couple of popular brand shopping websites!
Shomigo is a social shopping platform that aggregates upcoming and established brands, keeps users up to date with the latest fashion trends and your friend’s activity, and allows users to interact with the Shomigo Community. This is a start-up sponsored by NEXT 36 Canada and comprised of 13 students who are in their upper years or recent graduates. I worked as a UX/UI design intern who worked from initial systems requirement charts to the branding as well as the UI of the web and tablet prototype, it was an experience of doing it all. This was my very first professional experience working with different professionals and putting forth my design opinion on the table. The app features social media functions like chats, tags, trends, comment, share, creating collections with friends for social engagement and the e-commerce aspect of retail buying and selling. This a project in progress which is currently in its beta testing stages.