Trying her best
Motion Designer
Easy easing keyframes
Type enthusiast
Font hoarder
Trying her best

Motion Design/Time-Based Communication, Book/Editorial
Proudly: Filipino
Angelene is a designer and storyteller exploring the realms of print and digital experiences. She has a keen interest in motion, branding and book design – drawing inspiration from her culture and everyday life. Through her work, she hopes to continue contributing to a creative landscape that promotes thoughtful design.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
Go for a drive with my friends!
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Editorial New Italic (as of late)
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Ashna Ray, Sion Kim, Alvin Sagun, Jennet Liaw
Case Studies
Baybayin Archives
Baybayin Archives is a curated exploration of re-imagined Filipino design artifacts through the lens of the pre-colonial script, baybayin. It is meant to explore what society could have looked like throughout history, particularly in areas of design where Tagalog was the predominantly used language. In an attempt to use baybayin as a mode of conversation among Filipinos, this archive aims to answer the call of the “what ifs" echoed throughout history. To answer questions like “what if it still existed to this day” and “what if it had been given the opportunity to evolve and grow?", this website was created in the hope of building understanding with regards to the history and potential this pre-colonial script has in visually identifying Filipino voices and culture.
These images are a collection of Filipino design artifacts ranging from comics and advertisements to various forms of media like movie posters and album covers. These reimagined artifacts primarily explore Baybayin written using the Mangyan influenced virama or pamudpod as opposed to the Spanish influenced cross kudlit to cancel out the ending vowel due to its colonial ties. When Spanish Friars arrived to the Philippines, they altered baybayin to be able to suit Spanish translations of Catholic teachings. The use of the cross was representative of Catholicism. The Mangyan virama, or pamudpod is influenced by the Mangyan tribe and how they cancel out vowels. Given that this website is meant to explore decolonizing Filipino artifacts from pop culture, it didn’t feel right to use a Spanish influenced form of baybayin.