Andrew Del Rizzo
Professional Cat Owner
Product Designer
Loves Interactivity
3D Modeller
Blender Is Better
Andrew Del Rizzo
Professional Cat Owner

Interaction Design/Product Design, Motion Design/Time-Based Communication
Aka: Drew
Andrew is a product designer with a passion for 3D modeling and creating wonderful design solutions to modern problems. Aside from design, he loves to create physical things, animate, illustrate album covers and to be outside to get away from facing a screen.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
Spend as much time as I can with my friends
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
@beeple_crap, @dedouze, Liyong Wong (@leoncries), Blu (@bluboy___), Nikita Iziev (@nikitaiziev), Ryan Carl (@ryancarlstudio), Schultzschultz (@Schultzschultzgrafik), Kiel Danger Mutschelknaus (@kiel.d.m)
Case Studies
Expanse is designed to improve people's productivity by providing virtually unlimited space for the user to interact with in an augmented environment. It is made with the features that designers, video editors, and artists need in their workflow such as personalized hotkeys, fully customizable positioning of programs and the ability to move between the home and office with ease.
Comfortable, compact and powerful, Expanse allows for you to work efficiently without even noticing it's there. Detachable sensors allow for more efficient and accurate positioning of the workspace so that you can work seamlessly between your physical and augmented displays.
Cool It
Every morning I make a coffee for myself that I bring to my desk and drink while I try to fully wake up. At the beginning, the drink is too hot for me to drink as it is right out of the kettle but over a span of 15 minutes, the drink eventually becomes colder and I sometimes forget to drink it as I get carried away with my work or whatever else I am doing. I wanted to create a device that would notify me that my drink is slowly getting cooler as well as cool my drink to a safe drinking temperature quickly so I can enjoy it while it is still warm.
Using an old computer fan attached to a heatsink that I had lying around, I knew that I could achieve the result I wanted with cooling a cup. I began some prototyping and testing out code with a temperature sensor and LEDs to make sure that I could get accurate readings of temperature from hot tea in a mug.
Historia was an app created in Adobe XD for a 48-hour design competition featuring A+E Networks. Designed for high school and university students, it is a smart tool to efficiently curate research sources for history projects, utilizing History Channel articles and photos in accordance to the design challenge requirements.
Historia caters towards seamless access to research for high-school/college students. The app takes its role in providing History channel’s articles and videos, making it easy and less time-consuming finding/organizing resources for projects using a vast library of content. Overall, Historia helps users to find sources easier, organize sources on a project-by-project basis, access and cite content quickly, and answer specific research questions.