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Amy Davidson
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Print/Brand Communications, Book/Editorial
Amy Davidson is a graphic designer with a passion for research-driven, exploratory processes in order to solve complex problems. Motivated by her curiosity and ambition — her underlying goal is to create meaningful experiences. With her hunger to learn, she loves collaborating with other creative minds to explore new concepts and is always open to new perspectives.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
Visit my family :')
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Jessica Walsh, Jennet Liaw, Elana Schlenker, Chris Do
Case Studies
The Drake Hotel Rebrand
The Drake Hotel, located in downtown Toronto provides a new modern experience within all activities in one premise. In addition to a nineteen-room boutique hotel, services include nightlife entertainment, catering, events, dining experiences, an art gallery and a retail general store across the street from the hotel. This new brand identity captures the range of experiences offered through a modular logo system and captures the diverse culture of art and entertainment through its distinguishable visual elements.
After extensive research of the Drake Hotel, Their strong brand presence did not match the visual identity, therefore my goal was to establish a fluid and distinguishable brand identity to match its constructed culture. Throughout my logo iterations, using a modular logo among different shapes allowed for distinctive uses. In addition, each activity of the hotel was able to be represented through the shape variations.
Feedback within the workplace is proven to be an effective driver of company productivity, employee satisfaction and performance. It is important for employees and managers to give or receive in-depth feedback to/from each other without misconstruing their intent.
GEM aims to clarify and simplify the feedback process through an app that allows and encourages employees of a company to give quality and effective feedback to each other in an effort to boost company productivity, efficiency, and morale.
Idea Lab
Idea Lab at York University offers all students a unique opportunity to experience real industrial design problems. Design Lab was hired within this department of Lassonde School of Engineering, and tasked to create a new corporate identity, with stationary design and collateral marketing materials.