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Creative Hooman

Interaction Design/Product Design, Book/Editorial
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Alex enjoys narrative storytelling throughout his diverse body of work. He loves working with big concepts that includes symbolic details. His work spans from web to print with a focus on typography and photography. He approaches problems with an empathetic design thinking scope. He is a self proclaimed wizard in front end development allowing him to not only mockup his ideas but put them into implementation. Alex has developed his own practice in the music industry creative directing for musicians while photographing and designing album covers and creating large symbolic storylines relative to the artist and their music.
First thing you would do after COVID is over? (If ever)
Travel to New Zealand
2nd favourite typeface (after Papyrus)
Acumin Pro
Favourite Designer(s) and/or Design Communities
Irma Boom, Good Fucking Design Advice,
Case Studies
Unrequited Love
This book acts as the first volume of poetry books by Amanda Wuerth. The poetry in this book has an underlying theme of heartbreak. Heartbreak is a very personal experience to those that experience it, using this as the primary theme of the book I created an artifact that reflected this theme. The book itself is very small, about the size of your hand and is bound using Japanese stab binding, making the book very fragile and personal. This was done to replicate the raw and frailness of a heartbreak. The envelope is designed to act as an armour to this fragile book. It protects it as well as hides the content from the people who don’t need it. The photography acts as a buffer between the beginning and the end pages of the book. The beginning of the book features photos of plants, the ending of the book features photos of desolate places portraying a theme of life to death.
ADHD Handbook
The ADHD Handbook is a book that serves as a handbook for those who have trouble focusing. The book is designed with the user in mind, to attract and hold the user's attention throughout, using bold and high contrast typography and colours. To assist with touch sensory, the internal pages are set in 70# stock. The book size is 2x the size of a normal book, which was done to make the book as interesting to the consumer as possible. The contents inside are articles sourced from ADDitude magazine that lead the viewer towards an appreciation of their situation and how best to use it to their benefit.
Guided is an intuitive business planning app based on the existing content of the Flourishing Business Canvas. The Flourishing Business Canvas is a holistic, strategic planning tool that enables individuals or teams to visualize, brainstorm, and test business ideas or products. The canvas outlines four blocks representing the different core elements of a business and contains sub-elements within each of them. All of these elements are interrelated and work together to facilitate the success of the business. The business canvas can either be used to develop new business models or to refine existing models.